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The Tesoro Del Valle Realty Experience

Any real estate agent can "list" your home... stick a sign in your yard, throw it in the MLS, and wait for the phone to ring.
A Tesoro Del Valle Realty Neighborhood Expert will SELL your home… for the MOST money… in the SHORTEST amount of time… with the LEAST amount of hassle!
Why? Because we LIVE here! We KNOW your neighborhood because it's OUR neighborhood too! Here’s how…
  • Price It Well This is the #1 most crucial factor in marketing your home and attracting MULTIPLE offers where you will have a CHOICE of qualified buyers. We know EVERYTHING for sale and SOLD in our neighborhood. We have a pulse on value at any given moment!
  • Staging Consultation We show property all day long! It’s our job to look at homes! We know what buyers want to see… and more importantly, what they don’t want to see. We are going to be honest with you about what you need to clean, put away, and fix prior to showing. We are also going to advise you what not to do… sometimes you won’t get a return on your investment and we will tell you why.
  • Exclusive Tesoro Del Valle Realty For Sale Sign Our neighborhood specific signs attract drive-by buyers who want to work with a LOCAL expert!
  • Professional Photography We hire professional photographers and videographers to showcase the BEST features of your home! In today's online age... we know how important it is to make a great first impression!
  • Online Marketing Entering your home into our Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) is not something we take lightly. There are so many ways we can make you stand out against your competition. Once you’re active on the MLS, your home is sent to other online real estate destinations such as, Zillow, Trulia, Red Fin and approximately 500 additional real estate specific websites! We also utilize social media such as our Tesoro Del Valle Realty Facebook page as well as our personal pages to advertise your home to our networks.
  • Showings With your permission, an electronic lockbox will be placed on your home. All showings will be PRE-QUALIFIED (we want to know the BUYER and the AGENT who enter your home so we can ensure the safest experience for your family and one that will be the best possibility of leading to a qualified offer). Or, if you prefer, we are happy to show your home for you… after all, we live next door!
  • Follow-Up Our team not only pre-qualifies your showings, we follow-up after EACH one to gain feedback from buyers AND agents who are out looking at YOUR COMPETITION! We use this feedback to make suggestions regarding your home’s appearance and/or price if necessary.
  • Neighborhood Marketing Campaigns There are 1,077 homes in Tesoro Del Valle. Many times, buyers are right here! Those of us who love to live here may either want to move up or know a friend or family member who would love our neighborhood too! Advertising your home for sale to your neighbors is an excellent source of potential buyers!
  • Agent Networking Campaigns Another excellent resource for qualified buyers are our colleagues. The Santa Clarita and surrounding Valleys have more than 5,000 active Realtor members. It's not enough to just enter your home on the MLS system, it's our job to present your home to those agents with actual pre-qualified buyers looking in your price range.


The most important part comes AFTER the offers come in. Our team has negotiated THOUSANDS of offers since 2004.When presenting offers and preparing counter offers we consider:
  • Price(of course) however, the BEST offer isn't always necessarily the HIGHEST offer.
  • Buyers’ Qualifications including:
  • deposit amount
  • down payment amount
  • proof of funds
  • actually speaking to the buyers’ lender, we don’t just glance at their pre-approval letter
  • verifying income, assets, and FICO scores
  • requesting buyers cross qualifying with our preferred lender
  • Closing Costs All expenses are negotiable. However, there are “typical” and “customary” expenses for both buyers and sellers. We provide you with a “Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet” upfront, before signing a listing with us, and an updated estimate will be provided prior to entering into an agreement with your buyer.
  • Other Terms such as length of escrow period and possession date… we sit down with you and look at a calendar to determine the best closing date and then the actual moving date that best suits your family.


  • Step-by-step Communication Even if you've sold a dozen homes in your lifetime, we do this EVERY DAY and we want to make sure you know exactly what is going on.
  • Escrow Paperwork Escrow will provide you with a packet of paperwork to fill out. We are happy to assist you with this and/or escrow will be happy to as well. Your grant deed will need to be notarized, so often sellers choose to meet with their escrow officer and handle everything at that appointment.
  • Sellers’ Disclosures You have a legal obligation to provide certain disclosures to your buyer. These disclosures protect you in the transfer of your property. It is our job to make sure you have all the disclosures your home requires, the most recent versions of these disclosures, and we review them with you to make sure they are filled out properly.
  • Inspections There are typically 4 inspections that take place in your home after an offer has been accepted and escrow opened:
  • Termite or Wood Destroying Pest Inspection(typical seller expense, approximately $95, approximately 15-30 minutes)
  • Appraisal(typical buyer expense, approximately 15-30 minutes)
  • Home Inspection(typical buyer expense, approximately 1-2 hours) This is an opportunity for your buyer, their agent, and their home inspector to really look at the home to make sure there is nothing in need of repair. All homes in California are sold “as-is”, however, per the contract, the buyer has the right to inspection the property. Buyers sometimes request repairs, though nothing in the contract requires sellers to make any repairs. This is where repair request negotiations may take place… you’re in good hands, we’ve seen it all and we will help make this process go as smoothly as possible to ensure both parties’ satisfaction.
  • Final Walk-Through Your buyer has the right, again per the contract, to conduct a final walk-through of the property within the last five days prior to closing. This inspection is typically only about 15-30 minutes and gives the buyer an opportunity to make sure any repairs we negotiated have been completed and to do things like take measurements and get excited about their new home.
  • Utility Transfer Again, we’re your neighbors! We know the names and numbers of all our local utilities. We will provide you and your buyer a list to ensure the transfer goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Solar many of us have solar panels here in Tesoro. If your system is owned, it simply transfers to the new owner through escrow. If your system is leased, we will work with your solar company, escrow, and your buyer to ensure a smooth transfer of your lease. This is something we will start working on day one, as it is sometimes a lengthy process. Because of this, it’s important to provide us with your solar lease information as soon as we sign a listing contract. We have worked with almost every solar company out there and we are very familiar with their process.
  • Funding The day your buyer’s loan funds (typically 24 hours prior to closing)
  • Close of Escrow or Recording This is the fun part… handing the buyer their new keys and you your check $$$

That’s It!
(for the most part)
We’ve learned a thing or two closing over 1,000 homes.
There are more than 100 steps to selling a home…
All we need you to do is take the first one… CALL US!
We’ll take care of the rest!
Thinking of selling your Tesoro home?
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